No English Allowed On Minnesota Public School Bus
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Yesterday morning three kids boarded a PUBLIC school bus headed for a PUBLIC school in Minnesota. After taking their seats, the bus driver informed them he would not be giving them a ride home later that afternoon...or ever again.[See Patrick Cleburne's post, below:Ethnic privilege in St Paul for more. ]

Although the kiddies had taken this particular bus many times before they no longer qualified for passage because this bus was now reserved for Hmong-speaking students and ONLY Hmong-speaking students.

The school district apparently apologized for stranding the kids at school without a ride but made no apologies for their blatant discrimination against English-speaking students. Additionally, they have no intention of changing the policy.

This type of anti-American, anti-English language behavior happens often these days but rarely do we find the perpetrators to be so self-righteous and quite frankly, indignant.

Your tax dollars at work...

More info here:Students kicked off school bus in St. Paul.

School Board, Saint Paul Public Schools:

Elona Street-Stewart, Chair EMAIL:

Kazoua Kong-Thao, Vice-Chair EMAIL:

Tom Conlon, Clerk EMAIL:

John Brodrick, Treasurer EMAIL:

Anne Carroll, Director EMAIL: Tom Goldstein, Director EMAIL:

Al Oertwig, Director EMAIL:

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