Nicholas Stix On The Kirkwood Massacre
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Check out Nicholas Stix's lengthy post on the Kirkwood Massacre, which, as reported here on involved a black guy shooting seven white people. The post , [Nicholas Stix, Uncensored: Mass Murderer was a ”Hero,” Say Blacks] describes the local reaction, which includes local black residents who are mourning the murderer, not the victims.
.But the massacre wasn’t racial. It wasn’t racial. It wasn’t racial. Just repeat that to yourself a million times. And if that doesn’t work, sign up for some more diversity training–I’m sure you’ve already had some; haven’t we all?–so you can learn that white racism drove Charles Thornton to do what he did, even though what he did wasn’t racially motivated. And if that doesn’t work, try and wash away the contradictions, with a fifth of scotch.

Every white in the world could commit suicide, and blacks would still blame the ”legacy of (white) racism” for all of their problems.

Perhaps the oddest thing about the experts and police chiefs and reporters and editors and tenured professors who constantly tell us that these black-on-white atrocities aren’t racially motivated, is that blacks don’t believe that for a second. They know that they are racially motivated, they say so, and they celebrate them for it.

Read the whole thing. And if you haven't before, you can read Stix's account of the Duke Rape Hoax, a "hate crime" that did attract the New York Times and similar mainstream journalists, even though it never happened.
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