Knoxville Horror on ID Channel!
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David in TN: I just found out the Knoxville Horror will be featured tomorrow night on the Investigation Discovery Channel at 10pm ET. It repeats 3 hours later and on Saturday on the “Sins and Secrets” show.

The victims are described as “wealthy and privileged” on the preview I saw. The premise is the murders “ignited long simmering racial tension in a quaint Southern town.”

NS: I just love this. Since “racial tension” is a euphemism for “racist black-on-white violence,” how can a black-on-white atrocity ignite “racist black-on-white violence”? But that can’t be what they want us to think. No, they don’t want us to think at all.

Since ID didn’t contact me, I don’t expect that they’ll be mentioning my work, though I do expect them to use it without attribution, the way CNN did on May 29, 2007.

Channon Christian’s family was middle-class. Christopher Newsom was a carpenter, which hardly bespeaks “wealth and privilege.” His folks are well-spoken, and have shown great dignity, but one can have the manners and speech with which to present oneself respectably, without having a pot to pee in. That's a matter of character, not money.

This sounds really bad. Describing the victims as “wealthy and privileged,” and broadcasting under the category “Sins and Secrets,” would be wholly inappropriate to this case, and sounds like one of the sick, failed defense stratagems employed by Lemaricus Davidson’s defense team, and supported by racist, local blacks. Then again, maybe the code words are simply euphemisms for “white victims.” After all, aren’t all white crime victims “wealthy and privileged,” with “sins and secrets,” which somehow justifies their victimization?

David adds: Channon Christian was a full-time student at the University of Tennessee while holding down a job. Chris Newsom was a trim carpenter for a construction company. They and their parents were middle class people who worked hard for what they had.

I attended the Coleman trial and the sentencing hearings for Coleman and Davidson. I saw the parents up close and spoke several times to Chris Newsom’s parents. They are normal, down-to-earth people.

The ID Channel site indicated a good part of the program is “how it affected the community.”


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