Should Clones` Vital Organs Be Harvested To Cure Cancer?
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February 17, 2011, 04:51 PM
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From my review in Taki`s Magazine:
Never Let Me Go: Tea Time for Organ Harvesters Although the movie industry is always accused of philistinism, filmmakers are often suckers for prestige novels. Richard Grenier, Commentary`s renegade movie reviewer in the 1980s, pointed out a common type of bad classy movie: the credulous adaptation that inadvertently exposes a polished prose stylist`s underlying silliness. Projecting an author`s vision onto a 30-foot-high screen can expose his lack of realism. The most amusing recent example is Never Let Me Go, the dead-serious adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro`s acclaimed 2005 novel. (It`s now out on DVD in the US and in theaters in the UK.)
Read the whole thing there.