NEW YORK TIMES Bashes Coronavirus Disbelievers
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The New York Times is shocked, shocked that some Americans are suspicious of the politicization of the coronavirus illness. The press is stirring up an absolute panic over a sickness that is minor in terms of deaths—now in the low dozens in this country, while the seasonal flu has killed 18,000 Americans.

As a result of the fake epidemic, the stock market has dropped by thousands of points with trillions of dollars lost to investors. The NBA has shut down for the season after one player in the Utah Jazz tested positive for corona. The travel industry has been hard hit, with airlines losing passengers and the president’s 30-day travel ban adding to that. Colleges are sending students home where they will take their classes online.

The list of business casualties could go on and on, given the major assault of the media against Trump’s successful economy. Clearly the press cares zero about the human pain they are creating in terms of job layoffs and the huge disruption to normal society.

Conveniently for Democrats, the presidential election is just eight months off, and the left hopes the corona troubles will succeed in ousting President Trump when impeachment failed.

Note to New York Times — not everyone has been fooled by the full court media press on the corona fraud. Yes there is a communicable disease out there, but it is hardly worth the crazed reaction. On March 9, the number of deaths in the US was 26, with an average age of 77. A report from March 11 put the deaths at 37 with the average age being 78.

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the corona disease a pandemic. For a little history, NBC observed:

The last pandemic was the 2009 swine flu, caused by the H1N1 virus. That pandemic, which was first detected in Mexico, killed an estimated 200,000 people and hit young adults and children hardest.

The coronavirus pandemic is killing mostly older adults with underlying health conditions. As of Wednesday, there are more than 120,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 114 countries, with 4,373 deaths.

So clearly the use of the word “pandemic” has become degraded and politicized now.

For an even bigger pandemic than the swine flu, there was the 1918 influenza (aka the Spanish flu) that swept the world, killing 600,000 in America alone. A couple years back, PBS made a film about the event, Influenza 1918. Here’s a clip:

So America has suffered genuine pandemics, but that is not the situation we have now. Instead, the liberal press is overstating a relatively minor public health threat in order to ruin the American economy in hopes of taking down President Trump.

And people who don’t accept the propaganda are in denial of the approved liberal narrative, according to the Times.

How Right-Wing Pundits Are Covering Coronavirus, New York Times, March 11, 2020

Sean Hannity used his syndicated talk-radio program on Wednesday to share a prediction he had found on Twitter about what is really happening with the coronavirus: It’s a “fraud” by the deep state to spread panic in the populace, manipulate the economy and suppress dissent.

“May be true,” Mr. Hannity declared to millions of listeners around the country.

As the coronavirus spreads around the globe, denial and disinformation about the risks are proliferating on media outlets popular with conservatives.

“This coronavirus?” Rush Limbaugh asked skeptically during his Wednesday program. “All of this panic is just not warranted.”

The Fox Business anchor Trish Regan told viewers on Monday that the worry over coronavirus “is yet another attempt to impeach the president.”

Where doctors and scientists see a public health crisis, President Trump and his media allies see a political coup afoot.

Distorted realities and discarded facts are now such a part of everyday life that the way they shape events like impeachment, a mass shooting or a presidential address often goes unmentioned.

But when partisan news meets a pandemic, the information silos where people shelter themselves can become not just deluded but also dangerous, according to those who criticize conservative commentators for shedding any semblance of objectivity when it comes to covering the president. (Continues)

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