New Frontiers in Diversity: UK Needs More Jailbird Judges
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From the Daily Mail:

WANTED: More magistrates with criminal records to boost diversity among the judiciary

Chairman of Magistrates Association hopes for a more diverse set of JPs
John Bache said their past offences could help other feel less alienated
Criminals are not barred from becoming JPS but warned against applying


PUBLISHED: 19:56 EDT, 21 August 2018 | UPDATED: 07:55 EDT, 22 August 2018

… He also agreed with Labour MP David Lammy’s report last year that noted the lack of black and ethnic minority magistrates.

I must point out that chav whites tend to do their bit for racial equality in the UK by getting arrested for burglary, for hitting romantic rivals over the head with baseball bats (a remarkably strong-selling sporting good in cricket-playing England), and the like at a surprisingly high rate compared to American prole whites, who have largely been edged out of the crime business by nonwhites.

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