Neil Baron Points And Sputters At Trump (And Peter Brimelow) In THE HILL
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In the Hill, Neil Baron is convinced that Trump is evil, and Republicans, even anti-Trump, disloyal Republicans, aren’t going far enough to attack that evil. Particularly, his “comments after Charlottesville” about the Alt Right and the Alt Left, and his later condemnation of racists:
Republicans claimed Trump was clear in his denouncements of the white supremacists, the KKK and neo-Nazis. But, his belated condemnations would not prevent those groups from basking in his support because his pivot was made under pressure from Republicans, business leaders and demonstrators.

White supremacist Richard Spencer, who attended the Charlottesville rally, said of Trump’s belated condemnation, “I don’t take him seriously … It sounded so hollow.”  Peter Brimelow, founder of, dismissed Trump’s condemnations as “boring boilerplate.”

Republican 'criticism' of Trump doesn't go far enough, By Neil Baron, The Hill, September 10, 2017

The link on Peter Brimelow's name in the text above goes to some $PLC nonsense, and the link on "dismissed" goes to an Australian version of a WSJ story by Scott Calvert and Alexa Corse, one of whom interviewed Peter Brimelow by phone. See the relevant parts quoted here. (His link on VDARE, above, actually goes to's front page, something that people like him try to avoid—we've seen very little traffic from it, so perhaps the Hill's readers lack intellectual curiosity. )

The subhead of that story is, by the way, is  "Richard Spencer calls president’s words ‘so hollow’; Peter Brimelow dismisses comments as ‘boring boilerplate’," so you can see how much original research Mr. Baron has done.

The main point I'd like to raise is Baron's lumping us in with "white supremacists, the KKK and neo-Nazis", which doesn't describe any of Jared Taylor's American Renaissance, Richard Spencer's NPI, or the VDARE Foundation. Here's what Peter told the WSJ:

Peter Brimelow, editor and founder of, a website that publishes pieces critical of US immigration policy, dismissed Mr Trump’s comments as “boring boilerplate from some corporate PR hack”.

The US President yesterday condemned white-nationalist groups by name after failing to do so two days earlier....

Asked if he thought Mr. Trump’s comments would weaken his support among white nationalists, Mr. Brimelow, who founded in 1999, said the “hard core” has been impatient with the president for some time, but that he knows he can “always get them back” by embracing tough immigration policies.

“The real question is whether it will weaken the peculiar implicit appeal he made to the white working class, which is not ideological,” he said. “I think in the long run it might, especially in the South.”

Alt-Right Leaders Aren’t Alienated by Donald Trump’s Criticism

Richard Spencer calls president’s words ‘so hollow’; Peter Brimelow dismisses comments as ‘boring boilerplate’

By Scott Calvert and Alexa Corse, WSJ, August 14, 2017

The piece by Baron represents a combination of the "point and sputter" and "guilt by association when there's no association" techniques—and is thus typical of Main Stream Media commentary on white advocacy.
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