Nancy Yao/Anti-White Smithsonian: Unz Review Commenter Raises Interesting Point
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Last Tuesday March 21, I posted Nancy Yao—Face Of The Great Replacement At Increasingly Anti-White Smithsonian

This noted that Nancy Yao has been appointed  Director of the Smithsonian’s new American Women’s History Museum, probably the juiciest museum management job to come up in quite a while.

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Nancy Yao Maasbach (she normally uses her married name but apparently the Smithsonian PR flacks did not approve) has been trading on her Chinese heritage throughout her education and career. Since 2015 she has headed the tiny NY-based Museum of Chinese in America which is open only one day a week.

She has no academic qualifications in American History.

This appointment appears to be a triumph for pro-Colored discrimination. The three Smithsonian executives Yao Maasbach thanks in her appointment press release above are all non-white.

It probably also means the increasingly anti- white spin of Smithsonian exhibits will intensify. The first post-Covid exhibition at the Museum of Chinese in America was a squalid attempt to scramble on the BLM bandwagon: Responses: Asian American Voices Resisting the Tides of Racism

The Unz Review, which sometimes picks up VDARE postings, apparently has the resources to have a Comment Moderator (which we do not).

Commenter “Priss Factor” raised a worthwhile point. Quoting my statement

This appointment of course is a vicious insult to the probably thousands of better qualified white women, particularly of Founding Stock origin, who might reasonably expect to head this major institution which if it has any integrity at all, has to be primarily about the activities of their ancestors. Indeed, it raises serious doubts about what is intended.

He replied (edited)

…the white descendants of the ‘founding stock’ are among the most ‘woke’ and anti-white people around. Look where such people are centered in Vermont and Massachusetts, and they are neo-puritanical about globo-homo, BLM, and Diversity.

Long ago, the puritanism among such folks was about religion. Now, it’s about the secular gods…

Take a poll among founding stock Americans, especially among the elites, on the big issues of the day, and they are the worst of the worst.

I replied:

As to the Yankee stock Anglos of New England and the Pacific NW, I agree. But not of the "Scotch Irish"/Anglo inflow which populated the South and Appalachia, and their descendants.

The deep roots of this ideological division were brilliantly identified in Kevin Philips’ “Emerging Republican Majority” in 1969, which remains one of the greatest books of US political analysis. Phillips envisaged future GOP victories DESPITE the loss of the traditional Yankee strongholds as presaged by their defection over Goldwater.

But more importantly, the fact that the Smithsonian could easily have found abundant Left Zealots amongst Whites underlines that what is going on here is a racial conquest rather than an ideological shift.

No Whites need apply.

Most Yankees, of course, are too bigoted to notice. But perhaps their excluded children will.

Phillips’ The Emerging Republican Majority is the intellectual ancestor of the much-reviled but very successful Southern Strategy. More relevantly nowadays, the Sailer Strategy drew heavily on Phillips’ analytical concepts. It is still essential reading (Caveat—I read the original edition. I do not know how much he wobbled in the 2014 update).

Once it is more widely recognized that American politics have become an ethnic war, Minority Occupation Government control of the Smithsonian—the world’s largest museum complex—will not be tolerated.

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