Nancy Pelosi's Emergence into Sanity
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I thought Quentin Simpson's recent letter [A New York Reader Notes That Nancy Pelosi Agrees With Joe–No Amnesty! ] was rather interesting.

I think it is good Pelosi is starting to appropriately value US citizenship. The next step for her is to consider exactly when a grant of US citizenship may be appropriate and beneficial to existing Americans. I disagree strongly with her on the notion that existing illegal aliens cannot be sent home. I would suggest that if the US actually returned to its roots as a vibrant, technological economy, it would be fairly straightforward to use financial incentives to induce almost all illegal aliens to return home gradually—as Steve Sailer and I have both previously suggested here on

The economy based on real estate Ponzi schemes and illegal immigration simply hasn't worked. It is time to try something else. A technological economy doesn't necessarily need a huge pool of low-skilled workers—even if those people are hard working and have high moral character.

I fully expect the next games that will be tried will include expansion of skilled immigration. I fully expect that to have unexpected problems too. Very bright and skilled citizens aren't necessarily an asset if they don't identify with their fellow citizens.

The big thing for Pelosi to get: if we are to have a major repatriation, people should be dealt with compassionately. That doesn't necessarily mean expanding the US prison system or a forced march home. It may mean holding those that have profited from illegal immigration accountable for the mess they have created. I think that will be very hard for a wealthy liberal like Pelosi to come to grips with. I personally think it is highly likely that much of her family's wealth has been based on mining the value of US citizenship via illegal immigration. A truly just solution would expropriate much of that wealth to undo the mess that those like her have created.

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