A New York Reader Notes That Nancy Pelosi Agrees With Joe—No Amnesty!
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From: Quentin Simpson: (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe Predicts: Zero Percent Chance Of Amnesty In 2009

Apparently, Guzzardi can read Congressional minds. No less a source than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks the chances of "comprehensive immigration reform" may be dim.

In an Associated Press interview, Pelosi said about the illegal alien population:

" They are part of the U.S. economy. We cannot send them all home, and we cannot send them all to jail, so we have to address it.

"Any solution would have to be bipartisan so it may require sacrificing some of Democrats' past priorities, such as giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

"Maybe there never is a path to citizenship if you came here illegally. I would hope that there could be, but maybe there isn't."
[Pelosi Says Congress Unlikely to Approve Tax Rebate Before Bush Leaves Office, by Julie Hershfeld Davis, Associated Press, October 17, 2008]

Pelosi should certainly know. Her statement that there might not be amnesty is major good news.

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