NAACP right: Tea Partiers Racist
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The news that the NAACP is on the verge of condemning the Tea Party movement as ”Racist” will doubtless provoke much comment, most of it missing the point.

NAACP to condemn 'racist elements' in 'tea party' movement By Kathleen Hennessey and Michael A. Memoli, Tribune Washington Bureau Los Angeles Times July 13 2010.

While it is true that the evidence offered for the charge is absurdly flimsy it is also true that many of the Tea Party leaders and their followers are not battle-hardened and will be intimidated. Frantic and pathetic denials of smears such as this are useless.

The reality is that the mind set of these Professional Blacks, as elucidated in Steve Sailer’s analysis of Barack and Michelle Obama in America’s Half Blood Prince , cannot avoid seeing Tea Partiers as racist.

In the Obama/Black world view, American whites exist to finance the life style of American Blacks. Politics is about seizing resources from Whites and transferring them to Blacks.

Any opposition to this — in other words, any defense of white interests, even indirect — is Racist (which means it is forbidden).

If the Tea Partiers want to have an effect, they will just have to tough this charge out.

As Peter Brimelow remarked at the end of his discussion of the 2009 CPAC conference,

In effect, the historic American nation is faced with a minority occupation government.

Not just the Democratic Governors are desperately hoping this is not taken seriously come November.

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