Brain Gain In Mexico
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On Friday, Richard Hoste reviewed Brain Gain: Rethinking US Immigration Policy in  Establishment’s Next Ploy: Hand Immigration Policy Over To Bureaucrats!

I was interested to learn that Mexico's Armenian-Mexican ambassador, Arturo Sarukhan likes the book,   saying.

Brookings expert Darrell West provides insightful approaches for American immigration reform in his book ”Brain Gain”
Of course, Mexico may be experiencing a "brain gain" from immigration, gaining doctors, scientists, and Armenian diplomats, but no one thinks that America is experiencing a "brain gain" from Mexico. There are some reasonably brainy people in Mexico, but they're not leaving.In fact, I expect that the demographics of the people who have left created a net brain gain for Mexico.

What Sarukhan is really interested in is Darrell West's idea of turning immigration over to an Board of some kind like the Federal Reserve, that never has to face the voters.

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