A Haven For Child Predators And Political Candidates
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Now here's an interesting campaign strategy...

Jack Carter is a Democrat from Nevada challenging the incumbent Republican John Ensign for a Senate seat next November.

Yeah...and he's soliciting help from the kiddies at—you know, the Blogosphere advertised as a place for kids to make new friends that in reality is more like a place for perverts to meet kids.

The Carter campaign website has a link called "get involved" which takes the reader to the "Jack Carter for Senate 2006 Nevada" homepage on

"If you and your MySpace friends get five people apiece ... Democrats will win in 2006," he said.

Jack Carter Calls On MySpace Democrats Associated Press 6/12/06

Hmm...Dems surfing looking for new recruits—if the abundance of child molesters floating around that place isn't enough to keep your kids away, this oughta do it.

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