Commie Colorado Court Blocks Immigration Ballot Measure
June 12, 2006, 09:17 PM
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Defend Colorado Now, an anti-illegal immigration organization had a ballot measure slated for the November elections that would deny state services to illegal immigrants...yes, they had a measure.

Manolo Gonzalez-Estay, a garden-variety activist (he does not seem to be affiliated with any particular group) challenged the ballot measure in court because it would deny services such as welfare and in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants.

Faster than you can say judicial activism, the Court struck down the measure because it supposedly violated a state rule which limits a ballot initiative to only one subject.

Follow this explanation from an AP article that came out a few minutes ago,

"According to the ruling, Defend Colorado Now touted the possibility of reducing taxpayer expenditures by restricting illegal immigrants` access to services, as well as the goal of restricting access to services." Colorado Court Rules Against Ballot Measure by Jon Sarche AP 6/12/06

It restricts access to state services for illegal immigrants and it...restricts access to state services for illegal immigrants.

I`m not sure how that`s more than one subject but these namby-pamby judges seem to speak their own looney language these days.

Here`s the email page for the court.