My Brief Conversation with a Romney Fund-Raiser
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The other day a fund-raiser for the Romney campaign called my house. The guy wanted a contribution of 200 dollars. I told the fund-raiser that I'd vote for Romney over Obama, but I didn't have much confidence in Romney. The fund-raiser brought up Romney's management of the Winter Olympics as his qualification. I said I didn't like Romney's support of amnesty and a higher level of legal immigration. The interesting thing is, the fund-raiser never tried to dispute my objection by, for example, trying to convince me that Romney really wasn't for amnesty.

I explained that most immigrants voted for the Democrats. The guy didn't dispute that either, and instead went off on the old "we're a nation of immigrants" spiel. I tried to dispute that bogus argument, but the heat was rising and I didn't feel we were getting anywhere so I just hung up on the guy. 

It's so tiresome to see how the GOP won't defend the historical American nation, yet when it comes to raising funds, that's where they go. How do we get stuck with these candidates? Why have we allowed this to go on for so long?

The demographic clock is ticking, and eventually, if present trends continue, it will be impossible for the GOP to win a national election. Yet the party leadership is doing everything possible to hasten the day. 

And that old "nation of immigrants" slogan has been a big detriment to thinking straight on immigration. They just repeat that meaningless slogan and people buckle under.

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