A Pennsylvania Reader Urges Mitt Romney For Treasury Secretary
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From: J. J. McDonnell (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Obama Considers Larry Summers For Treasury Secretary

After appointing Rahm Israel Emanuel White House Chief of Staff, Barack Obama cannot possibly follow up with Clinton administration retread like Larry Summers as Treasury Secretary.

Emanuel and Summers as the first two choices from the "change you can believe in" candidate?

It smacks of too much insider stuff.

Obama needs to get creative especially in the crucial Treasury Secretary position.

What's wrong with Mitt Romney?

Among his other achievements, he saved from their massive deficits the 2002 Winter Olympics and, after he was elected its governor, the state of Massachusetts.

Earlier in his career, Romney spent many years managing a successful venture capital and consulting company.

His educational curriculum vitae are impeccable: BA from Brigham Young University, MBA from Harvard Business School and a J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School.

From Obama's perspective, Romney is of Wall Street but not from it—big difference.

A Romney appointment would add credibility to Obama's bi-partisan babble. And it may give the stock market a much-needed boost.

But if the economy should go further south, Obama could blame the Republican Romney for failing to save the nation.

And from our perspective, having an immigration realist like Romney in Obama's cabinet would be a huge plus. Maybe he could talk a little common sense into the President-elect about the folly of amnesty.

McDonnell is retired from what he describes as "a very high level" position in municipal government at a major American city.

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