Muslim Is The British Hispanic
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A reader (thank you!) directed my attention to this column by British journalist Peter Oborne, billed as “the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator.” Sample:

First, British Muslims are naturally Conservative: hard-working, family minded, very commercial people who instinctively want to stand on their own two feet.

Second, very few Muslims vote Conservative. This is mainly for historic reasons connected to Labour attitudes towards immigration in the post-war era.

Third, for younger Muslims that period is ancient history, and many of them are entrepreneurs and professionals and now natural Tory targets.

Fourth, the Tory party makes little or no effort to win them over.

[“The Tories are failing to connect with Muslim voters. This is not good enough,” Daily Telegraph blog, October 4th.]

Although temperamentally averse to conspiracy theories, I sometimes find myself wondering if there isn’t a Multikulti Central somewhere sending out form letters to bought-and-sold journalists worldwide, with blank spaces where the journalist can write in the name of his particular nation’s pet minority.


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