Richard Spencer's NPI Conference And The First Amendment
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Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute is having a conference at the Ronald Reagan Building, [registration here] in Washington, DC on October 26, 2013.

The reason they've chosen a federally owned building is the same reason Jared Taylor held his last two American Renaissance conferences in a state-owned facility in Tennessee—the First Amendment. In a government facility, restrictions on speech have to be "content-neutral", i. e. not based on your opinions.

If you hold it in a hotel, corporate weasels can back out of contracts out of fear, in a government building, they have access to all kinds of armed security.

I'll note that Richard Spencer has recently been honored by an attack in Salon Magazine (haven't we all?): The Hatemonger Next Door, Lauren M. Fox, September 29, 2013. He emailed us to say it was a "strangely flattering hit-piece."

He's responded to it here.

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