MTV's "New Year's Resolutions For White Guys"—A Response
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Instapundit posted this under the heading "MTV NEWS, WORKING DILIGENTLY TO BRING OUT THE TRUMP VOTE FOR 2020:"

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I haven't watched it. I don't think interracial advice of this kind is well meant, and I know for a fact that it's not popular.

Therefore, Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, and Peter Brimelow are not going to make a similar video addressed to people who are not white males. (In fact, Jared might actually do this—that would be funny.)

Here, instead,  is a brief list of things for people who are not white males to resolve not to do.

Don't do this.

If someone does that, and gets killed as a result of trying to grab a police officer's gun, don't do this.

Or this:

Really don't do this:

And if you find that a lot of your brothers and sisters are in jail for serious crimes, really, really, don't do this:

Of course, by early January the last one will no longer be a problem.

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