Germany: Salafist Kiddies Learn Jihad at Home
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Monday’s murderous truck jihad attack on the Berlin Christmas market makes the following video of particular importance. It shows the sort of anti-western training that some muslim children receive at home from their parents where the juveniles watch decapitation videos on TV and learn that infidels should be killed.

Interestingly, a salafist preacher is shown instructing how parents should beat their kids into proper islamic submission. Then a Frankfurt police spokesman says the jihadist imam cannot be deported because he has children of his own who need to be supported. Why not deport the kids as well? It’s racist to say that muslim kids can’t be raised in Islamic countries, is it not??

This video is a reminder of how insane it is to believe all diversity is equal and that muslims can be immigrated en masse with no problem.

NARRATOR: Salafism in schools in Frankfurt? Children of radical Salafist parents who are beaten or emotionally abused when they do not recite the Koran correctly? It is for real, and they are not just isolated cases, says the leader of State Security at the Frankfurt Police Presidency.

WOLFGANG TRUSHEIM: This is about war, about children being indoctrinated, they are only in primary school and already fantasize about how when they grow up, they want to join the jihad, kill infidels They refuse to play football with infidels, they say: “I’m not allowed to play football with you, but when I’m grown up, I will kill you, because you are an infidel.”

NARRATOR: Wolfgang Trusheim of State Security Frankfurt quotes information from police stations and schools. There were instances of radical Salafist parents, who are willing to teach their children the hatred of believers of a different creed by any means.

TRUSHEIM: A father who puts his children in front of the TV, they are forced to watch the most cruel decapitation videos, and will be questioned, and just as they’ve learned, they reply that the human who has just been burnt, or decapitated, deserves it, because he is an infidel.

NARRATOR: And another example, concerning a girl:

TRUSHEIM: This father hung his daughter by her feet, for example, in his apartment, and flogged her, and then locked her naked on the balcony, in wintry temperatures.

NARRATOR: The state keeps watch that children do not suffer harm from their parents. Protection from physical and psychological violence belongs in this class. The victims’ organisation “White Ring” warns against not determinedly addressing this problem.

WHITE RING SPOKESMAN: Our state must not stand by and watch when these children, at this early age, are being raised just like this. Prevention is called for. One has to consider removing the children from the family.

NARRATOR: The Frankfurt City Councillor for Youth, Daniela Birkenfeld, informed us in writing that the Youth Welfare Offices always decide based on the individual case whether to intervene in the family:

DANIELA BIRKENFELD: Family assistance is possible, the introduction of a therapeutic diagnosis concerning treatment, and the engaging of the Youth Court, if the family is uncooperative, and our staff find the well-being of the child is endangered.

NARRATOR: Beating children is not taboo in Islamist families, as shown by this video of Sheikh Abdellatif, a hate preacher, discussing the question of whether it is permissible to beat children.

SHEIKH ABDELLATIF: From ten. Can you beat him. But beat how? [?] beat and then you freak out. Beating means — this, what can I say. Small. Not so that you break him.

TRUSHEIM: We have been dealing with this hate preacher for years; he is actively operating. He ought to be deported. He has been indoctrinating his own children too, and the children’s dysfunction has already drawn attention, and the worst thing is that these children prevent his deportation, meaning he cannot be deported, because he is the father of these children whom he has to raise.

NARRATOR: State Security Frankfurt sees an intermediate and long-term danger posed by young Salafists in the Frankfurt area.

TRUSHEIM: We have a large number of Salafists who are beginning to enter the fertile and fecund age, who will be having children, who will be raising these children in their spirit, so in this respect, the problem will become bigger.

NARRATOR: A problem that politics, in his opinion, will have to face.

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