MSM Still Silent About Proud Boy Shane Moon Being Run Down By Antifa, Not Like The Hysterical Reaction To The Death At Charlottesville
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On September 7, Proud Boy Shane Moon was run down—at a memorial service for a previous Antifa murder victim—by a truck driven by Antifa Robbie Smith. This was reported by Cassandra Fairbanks at Gateway Pundit and some local papers, but there is still no national news about it.

Compare that with the worldwide hysteria after one automobile death at Charlottesville, which may not even have been deliberate. Or compare the deaths of Cannon Hinnant and the murders, which were definitely black-on-white murders, with the nationwide media storm (with black and white rioters) about the apparently self-inflicted death of George Floyd.

Three Twitter threads, screenshotted to protect them from Twitter deletion.

Thread One:

Thread Two: See  Police investigating hit-and-run after confrontation at Vancouver bar, Fox12, September 7, 2020

Thread Three: See BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Black Lives Matter Activist Who Attempted to Kill Trump Supporter After Memorial for Man Murdered By Antifa HAS BEEN ARRESTED By Cassandra Fairbanks, GateWayPundit, September 7, 2020 at 9:44pm 


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