Girl Scouts in Hijabs
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It's sad to see another worthy American institution run into the ground by multiculturalism, as the Girl Scouts has been turned into another organization celebrating kumbaya. While the scout leader in this instance expressed a desire to bring the girls more in touch with the majority society, she is fighting a losing battle: roasting a couple weenies is not going to make Muslim kiddies feel any less separate when their parents are determined not to assimilate.

And this being a New York Times story, a racist insult of white Americans is no problem whatsoever.

But a more common concern among parents is that the Girl Scouts will somehow dilute Islamic traditions.

"They are afraid you are going to become a blue-eyed, blond-haired Barbie doll," said Asma, the girl who at times makes her sash everyday attire. Asma noted that her mother had asked whether she was joining some Christian cabal. "She was afraid that if we hang out with Americans too much," the young immigrant said, ”it will change our culture or who we are.”

Troop leaders win over parents by explaining that various activities incorporate Muslim traditions. In Minneapolis, for instance, Ms. Hakeem helped develop the Khadija Club, named for the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad, which exposes older girls to the history of prominent Muslim women. [To Muslim Girls, Scouts Offer a Chance to Fit In New York Times, November 28, 2007]

What if a group of white Girl Scouts were told by parents not to become "nappy-headed hos"? The Times would have a cow. But when Muslim immigrants openly revile Americans in a racist manner, no one in the elite editorial offices bats an eyelash.
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