MSM Promoting Phony "Backlash Against Liberians" Story—Which It Always Does
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There are a lot of "backlash against Liberian immigrants" stories in the MSM. This always happens—after a foreigner does something horrible like mass murdering 32 or three thousand people, the MSM goes around to the members of his "community" and says "Do you fear backlash?"

Sample story

Dallas Community Unites over Ebola, Fear Backlash, Thursday, October 02, 2014

Members of the Liberian community in Dallas are uniting over the deadly Ebola outbreak. USA Today reports that 10,000 Liberians live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

With the first case of the virus reported in north Texas, members of Hope International Church and Ministries rallied in prayer for the victim, Thomas Eric Duncan, a resident of Monrovia in his mid-40s.

They prayed for their home country as many have lost loved ones to the disease.

The Liberian community also collected much needed medical supplies for Liberia.

Meanwhile, many are concerned about discrimination because of the virus.

"We don't want this to be a stigma on Liberians," Carolyn Woahloe, of Liberian Nurses Association, said.

"Not every Liberians are infected with this disease," she added.

Liberian leaders in Dallas are also educating and raising awareness about Ebola.

As I say, this always happens and there's never any backlash. has been covering this for years—Brenda Walker wrote
How often do we see this scenario: Muslim jihadist murders innocents for Allah, and the well-practiced squawkers then shriek about non-existent backlash incidents? They are followed quickly by the liberal media publicizing the idea of Muslim victimhood, sometimes fretting about retaliation that hasn’t happened and overwhelming the original crime. In one case of the press promoting hysteria, in 2011 the Washington Post published a front-page story about an upcoming Congressional investigation titled “Hearings on Muslims trigger panic.”

Attorney General Holder Promotes Muslim Backlash Narrative

Of course it was actually the press that was triggering panic about the idea of Congressional hearings on Islam.

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And finally, a post by Peter Brimelow:  “Some Democrats Fear Backlash Over Obama's Handling of Immigration”.

Now that would be justified.

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