More Silicon Valley Asians = More Anti-White Discrimination
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Silicon Asians

Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club (Facebook)

Brenda Walker’s blog California Bay Area: Asians Are Now the Majority of Tech Workers mentions age discrimination but does not refer to the other more pernicious discrimination: anti-white bias by Asians in hiring positions in Silicon Valley. I say more pernicious because by preventing entry by young whites into their fields these Asian conquerors will be able to achieve permanent ownership.

One of the most vivid expositions of High Tech ethnocentricity appeared in the comment thread of a blog by an old friend - Life of an I.T Grunt:

At 4:16PM Anonymous said:

Once the Hindu-Indians take over the whole IT department (Hindu only IT ghetto), the following series of events takes place-

1. Hindu-Indian programmers further divide into two groups (North Indian Hindus and South Indian Hindus). This dividing process takes in few weeks.

2. North Indian Hindu programmers further divide into five groups (Punjabis, Gujarathis, Marathis, Bengalis and the rest). This dividing process takes in few months.

3. At the same time, South Indian Hindu programmers further divide into four groups (Telugus, Tamilians, Kannadigas and Malayalis). This dividing process takes in few months.

4. Only one of the nine above mentioned sub-groups finally 'survives' and 'occupies' the whole IT department. This dividing process take at least a year.

5. Among the final group, each Hindu-Indian IT programmer tries to bring their spouse/sibling by eliminating other ones.

6. So, the left overs in this final Hindu-Indian programming group will be a couple of 'families' and 'extended families'. The cubicles will become their 'homes'.

I recorded this in More on Indian Atrocities. The original is now offline, a result of the fairly successful repression attempt I.T. Grunt attracted. Ethnic competition is inevitable in a multi-ethnic society. This reality is even beginning to attract the alarmed attention of Wall Street Journal Big Feet, as Steve Sailer has been noting.

No doubt that is because they are trying to figure out how to prevent a white organizational and political response.

Can’t have that!

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