More Indians means more...(fill in blank).
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Charging on from his rash reinstatement of Vivek Kundra as ”chief information officer” despite serious questions, President Barack ”I am a Desi” Obama has now come up with another young Indian to put in a position of immense power in the Federal Government IT world: Tech Industry Cheers as Obama Taps Aneesh Chopra for CTO by Amy Schatz WSJ Blogs April 18 2009.

Native-born white Americans, of course, lack the intellect for these jobs.

It appears that Chopra and Kundra worked together in the Indian-heavy Virginia Technology Secretariat. Normal business practice would incline against re associating these two, given the shadows over Kundra.

However, I applaud, because it gives me the opportunity to refer to a fairly recent story which seems to have sunk without trace in the MSM:

The Jackson $5 million? By Natasha Korecki The Chicago Sun-Times April 13 2009

asserts the recently-indicted Illinois Governor Blagojevich was told that in the interests of getting the contemptible Rep Jesse Jackson Jr., appointed Senator, there would be

$1 million for Blagojevich’s campaign fund that would come from Indian donors…Rajinder Bedi, a state employee who acted as a conduit to the Indian community for Blagojevich, sources say…met with the governor’s brother, Robert, to tell him that a longtime fund-raiser and wealthy health care businessman, Raghuveer Nayak, would help organize fund-raising within the Indian community….

Rajinder Bedi has subsequently quit — not a good sign - an event apparently reported only overseas.

Having Indians in positions of power ensures corruption — and ethnocentric discrimination. This may well prove to be the Achilles Heel of the Obama Administration.

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