MORE Haitian-import advocacy from the Washington Post!
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As I said this morning, they are really serious! Another Haitian-import advocacy piece from The Washington Post this morning, this time masquerading as a news story. (This enables emotionalism.)

Debate grows in aftermath of quake: Should U.S. let more Haitians immigrate? By Amy Goldstein and Peter Whoriskey Monday January 25, 2010

From morning until night, Dieula Celestin's cellphone rings in Miami's Little Haiti. It is her younger brother, Roger Paul, calling from Port-au-Prince, where he and their 65-year-old mother live with no food, no job and no money in the street outside the remnants of their house.

The article names Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla) as a sympathizer and adds

Lavinia Limon, president of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, said that letting Haitians join U.S. relatives would relieve at least some of the humanitarian burden in Port-au-Prince. The United States, she said, has airlifted foreigners out of other emergencies, such as Albanians from Kosovo and refugees from the Vietnam War…

Among Haitians and their U.S. relatives, Limon predicted, pressure on U.S. immigration policy will escalate in the coming weeks and months. "You need a boat, a captain, money. Nobody has that," she said. "But in two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, they will."

I guess that is a threat.

The Post has mobilized its Blog correspondent to disparage the overwhelmingly negative response it has (to its credit) posted in the article’s comment section:

Commenters oppose Haitian immigration dot.comments By Doug Feaver January 25 2010

One subject guaranteed to generate huge numbers of angry and often racist comments from our readers is any suggestion that some foreigners — in this case Haitians — should be permitted legal entry into the United States. We have that situation today...

Almost 300 comments have been filed on that story at the hour this is written, and the vast majority of them are negative to even the suggestion.

More characteristic of the Left is The Huffington Post, which quickly reproduced the Washington Post article and at present shows over 40 comments which are overwhelmingly positive (if crazy):

If it weren't for the Haitians there would be NO United States of America as we know it and we probably wouldn't be enjoying the freedoms we have. And the US would probably be still split in two

They earned the right to be here, but fake American history forgot to tell you that in school.


This is hardly surprising. As our correspondent found, they don’t allow dissent at The Huffington Post.

And it won’t be allowed in America soon, if massive imports from these alien cultures continue.

Complain to Amy Goldstein and Peter Whoriskey

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