More Evidence Illegal Aliens Are Economic Migrants
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Two things are obvious:
  • The recent surge of illegal aliens to the border is orchestrated by the Obama Regime.
  • The illegal aliens are motivated by economics, not persecution.
Most are coming to join relatives already here and use well established infrastructure that assists illegal immigration.
El Paso Times June 15, 2014 by  Luis Carlos Lopez and María Cortés González
Immigrants Recently Released In El Paso Tell Their Stories
EL PASO Jasuri Hernandez left her home in El Salvador in mid-May on a 2,000-mile trek to reunite with her husband.
Her traveling companion through the perilous journey was her 6-year-old daughter. "I had friends who had made it to this country and it had been easy for them. I wanted a better future for my daughter, but I never realized how hard it was going to be," she said in Spanish on Wednesday, as she waited at the Downtown Greyhound station for a bus to San Antonio and then Austin, where her husband has worked in construction for two years.
Josselin Iria of Honduras is one of those apprehended June 7 at the Paso del Norte port of entry. She was released Tuesday.
"The reason why we left is because there's no work," Iria said in Spanish. "Getting a job there is difficult. There is violence, extortion and war."
And there is a well funded support network for illegal aliens:
Ruben Garcia, the executive director of Annunciation House, which helps immigrants, said he was aware that immigration officials were releasing undocumented immigrants and leaving them to fend for themselves.
ICE officials coordinated with Annunciation House during the processing of the 270 undocumented immigrants brought to El Paso.
After their release, the organization provided the immigrants with food and shelter. Despite the effort, ICE still is releasing some immigrants without informing local shelters. "We are aware that has happened," Garcia said. "We've have been saying to ICE there's no need for it to happen that way. Drop them off at Annunciation House."
"Drop them off." That means that there is large amounts of money for illegal aliens.
And even enough money to buy plane and bus tickets:
Once undocumented immigrants were released by immigration officials, staff of Annunciation House offered them food and shelter.
The organization also assisted many immigrants by buying plane and bus tickets so they can unite with family members who live in other U.S. cities.
And, again, they are coming to join relatives already here.  That means that the failure of the Obama Regime to arrest illegal aliens already here just encourages more illegal immigration.
And Mexico is providing infrastructure for these illegal aliens to pass through to the United States.
Once she reached Mexico, Hernandez said she felt relief to find a building that's known for helping undocumented immigrants.
"I don't know the name of it, but it's a beautiful building and they can house hundreds. And they treat us very well, giving us a place to sleep, take a bath and feed us for 72 hours," she said.
And Mexico ignores the smuggling of the illegal aliens over its own border:
From Mexico City, Hernandez bought another bus ticket to Nuevo Laredo. Once there, she knew the only way to cross into the United States was to swim or on a "flotador" (a makeshift raft).
And she plans to game the system in a hope to stay:
"I know that you can make a better life here. My friends have done it," she said.
After a weeklong journey that took her from Honduras, through Mexico and then El Paso, Iria and her 5-year-old daughter, Valery Ramirez, planned to arrive in North Carolina on Thursday. Iria's mother, Rosadilia Leon, lives there and that's where Iria has her court date. She said she had every reason to appear at her deportation procedure June 30 because she would rather exhaust her options through the immigration system than to go back to Honduras.
"It was worth the risk because I want a better future for my daughter," Iria said in Spanish. "I wasn't able to give her everything over there (Honduras).
Endless appeals until the alien wins.  Given that the Obama Regime is dismissing deportation cases in records numbers, this is very likely.
And the back-up plan is asylum applications based on being a crime victim.
Patrick Timmons, a human rights lawyer in Mexico, on Monday said in El Paso that Honduras was the most violent country in the world, with a homicide rate of 90 people per 100,000.
"I think it's important to point out that Honduras is a terrible country when it comes to statistics of violence against women," Timmons added. "Which means to say that each one of these statistics is a human story. A human story where people are fleeing for their lives because they have no other choice left to them in order to maintain their survival."
Timmons said this year, 54 women died each month in Honduras as a result of violence. That number, Timmons said, is up from 32 women per month in 2010.
I am thinking that even more men die as a result of violence in Honduras.
It is clear that this surge of illegal immigration is orchestrated with well briefed illegal aliens offered a support network, coaching, and a strategy to avoid deportation.  In fact it is a conspiracy to violate the laws of the United States where the government of the United States is working with the government of Mexico to violate the laws of the United States.
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