More Evidence Deep State Operative David Marin, Head Of ICE In LA, Is Fighting President Trump
July 16, 2017, 12:01 PM
Print Friendly and PDF's James Fulford recently remarked on the Trump Effect on the Weekly Standard,  despite its previous public contempt for immigration enforcement and the "yahoos" who dare to support action against illegal aliens. James beat me to the punch,  want to note something he missed about  the real import of the article. Not to take away from James' important analysis—the NeoCons feeling the heat and acting to protect their position with some Boob Bait For Bubbas,  like this a mildly pro-enforcement article. (Perhaps to match the recent Weekly Standard article on Japan, concluding that Japan doesn't need more immigration...yet.)

The real significance of the article: while this writer was confident that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), will be at the forefront of support for President Trump, along with the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), there still are Deep State saboteurs in ERO who are fighting a rearguard action against the new enforcement program. And leading those Deep State agents is David Marin, Field Office Director, Los Angeles Field Office, ICE ERO.

Back during the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, Marin was one of its enforcers among his staff in Los Angeles, mandating only criminal aliens be deported. And he was happy to be the face of that policy.

Now he plays the tough guy to the public, though not as tough as he plays in public statements.

Although ICE could arrest Delgado and his wife, the presence of the 16-year-old boy creates a problem. By law, they can’t leave him by himself. Instead, officers decide to arrest just Delgado and follow up later with his wife. They let him put on jeans and a shirt, handcuff him, and lead him across the street into the back of a Dodge Grand Caravan. A half-mile away, to avoid any crowds that might form at his house, officers take Delgado out of the van, search him thoroughly, attach a waist chain, and remove his belt.
David Marin, a former marine who is the head of enforcement and removal operations for ICE’s L.A. field office and is one of the two agents media are allowed to identify from this ride-along, explains the decision to take Delgado into custody: “Both have been previously deported. This is somebody who shouldn’t be in the country.” he says. “We explained to him, ‘You have no right to be here. You’ll have to come with us.’ And he asked, ‘What about my wife?’?”

The Immigration Frontlines, By Tony Mecia, The Weekly Standard, July 17, 217]

And worse yet, Marin would be happy with fewer arrests that those described in the article:
Looking back on the day’s work, Marin, the local ICE head of enforcement, says catching three of six targets and two others is “representative of our daily operations. That’s what our guys are doing every single day.” He says it was a success because nobody got hurt.
He says he would be happy even if his team didn’t catch as many as they did today: “Even if we just caught one, that’s still one criminal alien who we removed from the country who is not going to commit any more crimes.”
And that should not come as a surprise. The Los Angeles Field Office of ICE ERO has been a black hole of immigration enforcement ever since Marin came on as a senior manager there. His career there has been one of managing declines in arrests. There are over 1 million illegal aliens, officially, but obviously more in reality, in the geographic area covered by the ICE ERO Los Angeles Field Office.

And look at the accompanying graphic that the Weekly Standard provided. From 2012 to today, arrests under Marin's management have declined precipitously, from over 25,000 a year to a little more that 5,000 so far this year. If this rate continues, Marin will have made the number of arrests close to the total in 2005.

These numbers show that David Marin is not only not enthusiastic about arresting illegal aliens, but is part of the problem. He just doesn't like doing his job and will do what is necessary to keep arrests down. He doesn't want to frighten the illegal aliens, he doesn't want to do raids, he doesn't want to do sweeps, he just doesn't want to do what is necessary to deport 1 million illegal aliens under his jurisdiction.

Time for Thomas Homan, ICE Director, to find someone who does.