More Border Treason: Biden To Offer 300K Work Visas To Help Mexico
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It’s not enough that Traitor Joe has released more than 1 million illegals to colonize the heartland and replace the Historic American Nation in his bid to establish permanent Democrat power in Washington, D.C. Now he’s giving 300,000 temporary work visas to Mexican and Central Americans so they can steal our jobs [U.S. to offer 300,000 work visas for Mexicans, Central Americans—Mexican official, Reuters, June 22, 2022]. The stated reason: to help out Mexico because of the illegal aliens who tramp north from the Northern Triangle on their way to the southwest border of the United States.

“Every day we're talking with the American government,” Interior Minister Adan Augusto Lopez said. “The American government agreed to first grant 300,000 temporary work visas, 150,000 of which will be for Mexicans or foreigners who are in Mexico today waiting for the possibility of migrating north.”

The Let’s Go Brandon Regime might explain why Mexicans will receive the visas, given that the purpose of this giveaway is to alleviate “migrant” pressure on Mexico. 

“It’s a high price, in terms of social costs, for our country to be a crossing point for migrants and every day we’re talking with the American government to try to generate [better] conditions,” Lopez said [U.S. weighs 300,000 additional work visas to ease migration pressure, by Julian Resendiz, Border Report, June 24, 2022].

You don’t say.

Well, it’s a “high price, in terms of social costs, for our country”—meaning America—to import a bazillion penniless illiterates.

If only Traitor Joe wanted to “generate [better] conditions” for his own people by closing the border and deporting illegals instead of releasing them to occupy American cities and towns.

Then again, Traitor Joe doesn’t consider Americans his own people. That is why he wants to replace us.

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