More Aunt Zeituni: She Survives Another Round And Can Rise And Walk
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Not that we're surprised, but Aunt Zeituni Onyango has survived another round in US Immigration Court.  Apparently, Judge Leonard Shapiro has allowed 30 days for closing arguments with a final decision due in May [Decision on Obama Aunt due this spring, by Laurel Sweet, Boston Herald, February 4, 2010].

According to the Boston Herald, Aunt Zeituni suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is news to me (Joseph Heller was afflicted with the same disease, an experience he described in his book No Laughing Matter).  Guillain-Barré causes, among other things, gradual paralysis.

Aunt Zeituni arrived in court in a wheelchair, but she walked out of court with just the aid of a cane.

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