MONEY TALKS—Let The Chorus Rise
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Yesterday marked the kick-off to’s biggest fundraiser of the year, Giving Tuesday. While our initial goal was $4,000 we actually brought in a staggering $10,409!

145 donors came forward yesterday and helped us bring in more than 260% of our Giving Tuesday goal!

To say I am awed and humbled is an understatement. To our supporters that came through yesterday: thank you, thank you. Really.

This is only the beginning.

Our goal for this drive is $100,000. Thanks to Giving Tuesday and a couple of additional pledges, I am proud to say we are over a quarter of the way there with only one day in! We only need $75,000 in the next 30 days. Thanks to you, I am certain that we will hit that goal.

I’m also certain that because of you, is making a huge difference to the national dialogue.

I know for certain that publications have been placed in the hands of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and many others who have the ability to influence the future of America – as long as they have the powerful and accurate information they need to support our common goals.

I’m certain that, as a result, the political climate hasn’t been this aware of and open to our issues in decades. informs the fight for patriotic immigration reform, arming our advocates with the facts and analyses they can’t find anywhere else. Your support has made that possible.

With every article we post, every book we publish, every tweet or graphic we send viral, we strip away the disinformation that distorts the minds of Americans. More and more of the “silent majority” awaken to the importance of our mission.

We do all this with a minimal staff and a minuscule budget; our resources are not one tenth of those of the Washington think tanks. Never mind that they have never lifted a finger to slow the demographic and cultural revolution that is devouring our culture and that has sown the seeds of self-hatred in millions of Americans.

We need your help, and we need it urgently.

New opportunities present themselves, but the cost is high:

There is a growing demand for staff and writers to make personal appearances, speaking and engaging with patriots all over the country. These appearances are critical to broadcasting our message, but travel is expensive. Every few months we hear of another patriot who has been purged by a mainstream employer because of dissident views. has been strengthened by the opportunity to act as a haven for some of the most talented of these people—such as John Derbyshire—but we must be able to bear the expense. Technology and the internet have given our message a platform and wings, but it requires constant maintenance, protection, and upgrading. It all takes money.

Our need for your support is as urgent as the country’s needs for efforts like ours. We at are the only voice of the historic American nation. Add yours to the chorus.

Gratefully yours,

Lydia Brimelow

Advancement Officer

VDARE Foundation

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