"Moderate" Black Mayor Eric Adams Plays The Race Card
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The mayor of New York City, who assumed office January 1st, is black guy Eric Adams. Please don't tell me it's obnoxious and un-American of me to tag him by his race: his blackness is the main thing Mayor Adams himself wants us to know about him.

Our own Paul Kersey reported Thursday about a press conference the mayor held on Tuesday.

The occasion for the presser was that Adams had been up in Albany, the capital of New York State, to try to get state legislators to change the laws on bail reform that are putting arrested criminals right back on the streets of his city.

Adams had had no success with the state legislators, and the news reports said so. That's what news reports do: they tell you what happened.

Adams, however, played the race card, flagrantly and shamelessly. The negative press coverage of his Albany trip was, he told us at this presser, on account of journalists being white. Sample quote:

"I'm a Black man that's the mayor but my story is being interpreted by people who don't look like me."

In the election campaign last fall Adams was presented to New York voters as a sensible black guy. Anti-police? Adams had actually been a cop! Black Lives Matter? "A small fringe group," said Adams. This was a moderate black guy, we were told, not one of those dreadlocked crazy black guys railing against the white devils.

So here’s a moderate, sensible black guy, forty-six days into his mayoralty, reflexively reaching for the anti-white race card. He actually told the assembled reporters that if their bosses didn't blacken up their newsrooms, he's just stop taking questions at his pressers. Amazing …

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