Mob Violence, Stabbings In Sacramento—Another "Minority Occupation Turba" Action
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A mob of masked men with clubs, shields, and knives attacked a Sacramento rally of Matthew Heimbach's Traditional Worker's Party, which the media insists on referring to, following the SPLC style, as a neo-Nazi party.

Here's a description of the action from the blog "The Truth About Knives", which is normally about knives and knife rights for law-abiding Americans, who may use these knives for self-defense. It also has features about "Irresponsible Knife Use" and the mass stabbings that seem to be common in China, among other places:

Neo-Nazi rally attacked by “anti-Fascists” who lack an understanding of irony

In the second incident this year from the tolerant State of California, a group of white-supremacists holding a rally has been violently attacked by “anti-Fascist” counter protesters. The previous attack in Anaheim left 3 people injured, including at least 1 with stab wounds from a flagpole. The “Traditionalist Workers Party” (TWP) had a permit to hold a rally in Sacramento today, with a couple of dozen members of theirs and related groups. They were met by approximately 400 people loosely falling under the umbrella of “By Any Means Necessary” (BAMN) who arrived with masks, 2x4s and shields. Today’s attack sent 7 people to the hospital, at least one with critical stab wounds. Dozens more were treated for cuts and bruises at the scene.

The BAMN black-shirts were spoiling for a fight. They didn’t even wait for the rally to start before accosting a TV news-crew.

From SacBee:

The first sign of violence came just before 11 a.m., when KCRA reporter Mike Luery and his cameraman were caught in an altercation with anti-fascist protesters shouting “no cameras” and demanding they leave.

“We’re not causing the problem; your belligerent people are causing the problem,” Luery told the crowd before someone knocked his mike from his hand and others tried to grab the camera. The pair were eventually shoved out of the crowd and crossed the street away from the protesters.

The "anti-fascist protesters" wanted "no cameras" because they were a lawless mob. Note the title of this video, it's common in these cases:

More from "The Truth About Knives":

Nothing says “anti-Fascist” like roughing up camera crews and committing attempted murder against people with whom you disagree. I don’t care how disturbing, disgusting, or downright reprehensible the views being spouted are, there is no justification for initiating violence against people in a political demonstration.


The group bills itself as anti-globalist, but its ideology is old-fashioned white supremacy. Yet while the group’s views may be racist and reactionary, it doesn’t—at least in writing—advocate violence or destruction. The group’s mission, according to its website, is to defend America against “economic exploitation, federal tyranny, and anti-Christian degeneracy.” It encourages members to lobby lawmakers and go canvassing in their communities. It get permits for statehouse demonstrations.

I’m not suggesting each and every member is a paragon of propriety in their personal interactions with people of color, but there’s no evidence TWP members were in any way threatening the lives, livelihoods, or property of those whom they disdain. They were just standing around the statehouse wearing Nazi-themed t-shirts.

It's all about the fact that leftists think that "error" in the form of racism, has "no rights".

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit writes perceptively:

“ANTI-FASCIST,” LIKE “ANARCHISTS,” IS JUST MEDIA DOUBLETALK FOR LEFTY MUSCLE: Video: The insane Sacramento neo-Nazi/anti-fascist melee.

But another Instapundit blogger says this:

As Lance, co-blogger at Small Dead Animalsquips, “When the Communists show up to protest the Nazis, You’re supposed to pray for an asteroid — not pick a favourite!”

That's the wrong attitude, as is this from black TV personality Montel Williams:

In spite of some Twitter pushback from mainstream conservatives, Williams hasn't deleted that tweet and won't be fired—because they only do that to white guys.

For some time I've been comparing these mobs to the Nicaraguan "Turbas Divinas" of the 1980s—mobs of government-approved rioters who did to enemies of the regime what the Communist government of Nicaragua didn't want to be seen to be doing.

Sometimes these rioters are supported and funded by big foundations (Ford Foundation, George Soros) and sometimes they're encouraged and funded by your tax dollars, I. E. community organizers and Eric Holder's Justice Department.

They may or may not be actual minorities, but they're definitely on the Left, and will vote for Hillary in the fall. (Most recently, of course, they've been attacking Trump rallies.)

The problem is that the Left views rioting against anyone they can call "fascist" as a civil right, and sometimes they can get the ACLU to back them up: ACLU Response to SDPD Show of Force at Trump Rally, May 31, 2016.

Expect more like this, and of course the targets won't be limited to nationalists or the Dissident Right—they would be just as happy to riot against Romney.


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