Mittens Muffs DREAM Adminstrative Amnesty On Sunday Talk Show—Grassroots Reaction Now Critical
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GOP presidential nominee-presumptive Mittens Romney refused to say he would reverse the Obama Adminstrative Amnesty's extension to the DREAM Act on CBS's Face The Nation this morning, perfecting the profile of cowardice and stupidity he has shown since the story broke last week. Romney didn't even take refuge in the move's widely-noted unconstitutionality, let alone its impact on unemployment. (In contrast, showing how to seize on an issue, in the GOP Senate primary in Arizona, challenger Will Cardon has swiftly used it to to embarrass Jeff Flake, the local Slave Power favorite.)

Romney has no principles and has shown in the past that he will use the immigration issue if he has to—unlike, for example, the hoplessly bigoted Bushes. As I wrote at a key point in the 2007 Amnesty War, everything now really does hang on the backlash from America.

It worked then—it can work now.

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