Huckabee's Vice Presidential Campaign—and Immigration
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Dick Morris is writing on NewsMax as if Huckabee were a serious presidential candidate. That is actually rather silly. If you look at the odds on Intrade, Huckabee, the odds of a Huckabee presidential Nomination have never been above 10%—and are now only around 5%—and a recent and substantial surge. However, the odds of a Huckabee Vice-Presidential nomination are between 27% and 32%-which means Huckabee leads the pack of GOP Vice Presidential hopefuls.

Basically the open border radicals who run the Republican party need to assure at all costs they have both the Vice Presidential and Presidential positions. If Huckabee can wound Romney in Iowa and/or New Hampshire, that makes Huckabee quite valuable to Giuliani who is focusing on a victory in Florida.

Now, I think Huckabee is potentially a serious candidate in Iowa. During the Ames straw poll, Huckabee did well by working evangelical churches-and Brownback worked the Catholic churches. Both focused on banning abortion as a central issue. That is an issue that can work well in a caucus state, where the key is getting activists to show up to a meeting where they need to participate to a degree.

Now, I see this all a con in the big scheme of things. In a day of RU-486, even a national ban on abortions would still mean there would be a lot of abortions in the USA. There are plenty of examples of countries where abortion is illegal that still have high rates of abortion.

One major factor in the prevalence of abortion is the concentration of wealth-and the lack of availability of jobs to young people that might reasonably be expected to support a family. For many less wealthy Americans, immigration is a major factor in lowering their wages-and in promoting increases of immigration, politicians like Huckabee and Romney are hypocritically working to lower family wages while claiming that they promoting family values by banning abortion.

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