"Mommy, Why Does The School Hate Jesus?"—Plano Candy Cane Case To Be Reheard By Fifth Circuit <I>En Banc</I>
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Yes, Virginia, there is still a War On Christmas—from the Liberty Institute in Plano, TX, a report, (see video below) of a school board in Plano, Texas, that has been litigating for eight years to maintain the right to suppress Christian speech.

Known as the "Candy Cane" Case, because the first incident involved distribution—by an eight-year old boy—of a message associating the shape of a candy cane with with the crooks of the shepherds who watched their flocks by night, it has been defended, at taxpayer expense by the school board for years and years.

You can read this Liberty Institute brief PDF for the latest hearing, an en banc hearing on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, where judges will hear oral arguments today. As you will see in the video, the school boards actions caused one little girl to say "Mommy, why does the school hate Jesus?" Good question.

First, they banned eight-year-old Jonathan Morgan from handing out candy canes with Jesus' name on them to classmates at a school holiday party.

Then they confiscated a little girl’s pencils after school because they mentioned ”God.” But that’s not all…

They even banned an entire classroom from writing ”Merry Christmas” on cards to our troops serving in Iraq!

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