Missing VDARE.com Pages Not Gone, Just Moved (But Let Us Know!)
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If you do a Google site search for Scott McConnell's 2001 column Out damned Slur! The Judicial Enforcement of Multicultural Manners, you get a link that looks like this: www.vdare.com/mcconnell/barton.htm and when you go there, you'll get message that says "Not Found | It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?" It's not gone, it's at vdare.com/articles/out-damned-slur-the-judicial-enforcement-of-multicultural-manners.

It ought to be redirecting you automatically, but that's temporarily broken. So if you have a problem like that, you can find through the internal search.


But some articles may turn out to be actually missing, or have missing images, et ceteraEmail me and let me know!

The reason you might be interested in the case of Janice Barton from 2001 is that it involved someone in a small town restaurant who overheard someone using a slur, as recently happened in Wolfboro, NH. 

McConnell suggested that she might have had the distinction

of being the first person in American history to be jailed for uttering an ethnic slur in an overheard private conversation.
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