Mismatch And Muhammad Ali’s IQ
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A few thoughts apropos of Steve Sailer’s post, which included Muhammad Ali’s IQ, 75 and linked to Phillippe Rushton’s piece, which explained how mystified college professors are when seemingly engaged, prepared, intelligent, garrulous and entertaining black students fail objective tests that measure learning.

Rushton called this the “winning personality,” and I called it a “cocktail party personality” in my piece about newsman Vester Flanagan’s murder of two white colleagues, who worked with him at a television station in Roanoke, Va.

Also linking back to Rushton, the piece explained that many blacks in the news business are in over their heads; that is, they are mismatched, meaning hired for jobs that do not match their skills or intelligence. They are hired not only because of affirmative action but also because they possess that winning or cocktail party personality. The most successful black journalist I’ve hired was quite the opposite. He was surly and morose. He did not have a winning personality.

Anyway, when self-awareness kicks in, and a black employee realizes he cannot do the job, the first instinct, particularly given the anti-white hate the media spew every day, is to blame whitey. Then, to maim or kill. The Man must be punished.

Of course, the glib Muhammed Ali achieved great success, despite his IQ of 75, which psychiatrists call “borderline intellectual functioning” and is just a notch above mildly retarded. Such an IQ used to be called “borderline deficiency” and was only a hair above what the professionals used to call a moron.

One wonders what would have happened to Ali if he hadn’t been a boxer, but instead had been pushed through college and into a job requiring even moderate intelligence. In the ring, he had only to fight and could release his frustrations. In college and then an office, he would have had to think, and would have been frustrated much of the day.

Would that have led to another Disgruntled Minority Massacre?

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