Minute Men
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By any measurement, the Minute Man Project in Arizona is a success.

Simcox, Gilchrist and the brave Americans who have participated have drawn worldwide attention. to the shameful fact that the borders of the United States are no more secure now than they were on September 10, 2001.

In fact, illegal immigration has increased since 9/11. But in Cochise County Arizona, it has decreased since the arrival of the MMP.

The President, while labeling these brave Americans "vigilantes", has nevertheless sent long overdue additional Border Patrol agents to Cochise County.

This happened as a direct result of the MMP and the media attention.

Similar efforts are being considered in other border areas.

How long before groups are organized to assist the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] by "spotting" and reporting known illegals and those who employ them?

How long before the media attention is directed to the 20 million or more illegal aliens and the profiteering employers who are now openly violating immigration and employment laws all over the interior of our republic?

Why not here in Georgiafornia?

Enforcement of Title 8 1324 is another job that the president will not do.

"Vigilantes" indeed.

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