Gun and Recipe Blogging
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Instapundit has links to Gun And Recipe Blogging. I'll see if I can combine the two.

For breakfast I sometimes have what are called "yellow jackets." You take some bacon and fry cold boiled potatoes in it. When everything is fried to within an inch of its life, you crack eggs over the whole mess.

You can vary this basic recipe, of course. If you're some kind of health nut, for example, you can add vegetables, namely frozen green peas. They can go straight in the pan from the freezer, the bacon grease will take care of them.

It helps a lot if you have seriously nonstick frying pan.

It would also help a lot if the same kind of coating could be applied to your arteries, but who cares?

The reason I mentioned gunblogging is because I got this recipe out of a Gun Digest, twenty-five years ago. It was in a reprint of one of Lucian Cary's "J. M. Pyne, Gunsmith" stories from the Saturday Evening Post.

You can buy a collection of the stories here: here or here. You can read one of the stories, Secrets of the Old Master, online, and when you do, you'll notice that the America it pictures is not there any longer.

I'll just mention one point. Joe Hill walks through the streets of Jersey City with two rifle cases over his shoulder, and his only concern is their combined weight of thirty pounds.

Today Jersey City has the most restrictive gun laws in the United States. He wouldn't get three blocks.


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