Minority Occupation Turbas In America: Eric Cantor's Apartment Building Stormed By Mob
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Eric Cantor is one of the most pro-immigrant, pro-amnesty Republicans going, but despite that, he's being subjected to a turba at his home:

Pro-immigration protesters storm Eric Cantor's condo, promise same for Frank Wolf, Bob Goodlatte

By SEAN HIGGINS, Washington Examiner NOVEMBER 21, 2013

A group of about 60 pro-immigration reform activists late Wednesday evening stormed an Arlington, Va., condominium complex where House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., maintains a home.

The group loudly protested Cantor in the lobby of the building until police arrived, then continued their protest on the street in front of the building before again being told to leave by police.

The protesters never got past the lobby. There were no arrests or injuries in the incident. "We told them they could protest [in front of the building], but they couldn't use bullhorns," a police officer said. The protesters used them anyway.

Cantor himself was nowhere to be seen. It is not clear if he was even home at the time of the protest. The condominium is in Arlington's Pentagon City neighborhood, a residential area near the Pentagon.

The protesters identified themselves as being with a group called Casa In Action and said their plan was to slide fliers under the doors of all of the building's residents.

The fliers accused Cantor of opposing the "grant[ing] citizenship to millions of undocumented Virginians."[More]

Why were there "no arrests or injuries in the incident"?  It was an attempted home invasion. Arrests, and if necessary injuries, are what the police are for.

When they did this to Kris Kobach, I said

I've compared this kind of activity to Nicaragua's  turbas divinas—government-controlled youth mobs who weren't officially part of the Nicaraguan government  of the 80s. [See The Fulford File | Tinley Park Attack: Anarcho-Tyranny In America] The problem is that the police won't arrest these people, and you can't protect yourself from them, or you yourself will be arrested. And certainly no one can take Obama to the Supreme Court over the violation of Kobach's rights. You see why we use the term "Minority Occupation Government"?

For more on left-wing mob violence, unpersecuted by the police, see

Here's a YouTube video posted by the Washington Examiner, apparently by one of the mob:

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