Minority Occupation Government Consolidates—Gutiérrez Tells Democrats To Impose Amnesty Now or "Step Aside"
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Luis Gutierrez

It's important to remember that Luis Gutiérrez isn't really a traitor — America was never his country and he is increasingly frank that he never thought of it as such.  His "one loyalty," in his words, is to the "immigrant community."

Now he is showing that he doesn't really about the Democratic Party either, especially all those gross white people who still attach themselves to the party of Jefferson and Jackson.  Nothing must be permitted to stand in the way of erecting an overt Occupation Government.

Democrats calling on Obama to delay taking executive action on immigration for political reasons must "step aside," Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) and other immigration activists argued Wednesday.

“I say to the Democrats, stand aside. Let the president make the decision. Let him announce it and stop this — stopping the progress of our community toward justice. Just step aside,” Gutiérrez said on a conference call with immigration reform activists and reporters organized by America’s Voice...

Clarissa Martínez-De-Castro of the National Council of La Raza echoed Gutiérrez’s sentiment, saying news that some are pushing for Obama to delay taking executive action on immigration makes activists “deeply disappointed.”

According to Martínez-De-Castro, if Democrats convince Obama to delay his executive actions, they will co-own “inaction and the devastation that continues to be reeked on our community” with Republicans.

[Gutiérrez, Immigration Activists Tell Democrats Opposed to Obama's Executive Amnesty: 'Step Aside,' by Caroline May, Breitbart, September 3, 2014]

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they still need at least some white votes if they want to win any elections.  However, La Raza doesn't care about their party, just their racial community.  And God knows they feel no particular attachment to the United States of America.

White Democrats who welcomed the immigrant invasion on the grounds it would deliver a permanent progressive majority may have second thoughts once they realize Third World America will have no place for the Joe Bidens of the world.

As for the has to admire their frankness.  As Sam Francis predicted, ethnopolitics is upon us — and La Raza is leading the way.

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