Middle East Wars Are Training Soldiers for Jihad in the West
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Many peace-loving people would like to see an end to the civil/religious wars in the Middle East which have caused so much suffering, from two million plus refugees in Syria to the jihadist ejection of Christians from the Iraq city of Mosul.

However, a more peaceful Middle East may well lead to a jihad-riven Europe and America, because the fighters who came from the West will return to their countries of residence with advanced training in war and a desire to build the caliphate.

The Muslim soldiers see themselves as being on the march, successfully conquering territory for Allah, with little pushback from any western nations. When they return to Europe and America, many will continue to fight for Allah.

Most of the jihadists from Europe and America are immigrants who never assimilated to their new countries and their only loyalty is to Islam. Its another brick in the wall of why Muslim immigration is a terrible policy for any nation that wants to stay free.

A report from CBNs Dale Hurd calls attention to the danger posed by trained fighters who will return home with jihad in mind.

Coming Home: Europe Next War Front for Jihadists?, CBN News, by Dale Hurd, July 30, 2014

PARIS In a video message, British jihadists in Syria can be seen trying to recruit more Muslim young men to come and join them.

One, holding a weapon, says, This is a message to the brothers who have stayed behind…

They have taken to social media to share an Islamic message with their friends back home: Even if you lead a sinful life, the Koran teaches that martyrdom is a ticket to heaven.

Grisly Instagram photos and videos sent to friends back home include bags and even truckloads of severed heads that fighters from Britain are collecting.

Another jihadist, wearing a hood, says, Dear brothers, especially brothers and also sisters, in the land of jihad at the moment, with a Glock 19, yeah? Most of you playboy guys aint seen this yet. All Ive come to do here is whats prescribed to us as Muslim men. I also invite all over to the land of jihad. Allahu Akba!

Then he fires his weapon into the night sky.

Coming Back Home
Someday these jihadists are coming home. Some already have.

Mehdi Nemmouch, the French gunman who killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, had a homemade flag of ISIS, the terrorists who have setup an Islamic state in Iraq, when he was arrested in May.

Nemmouch went to fight in Syria in 2012.

The French government knows it has many more like Nemmouch in France: Muslim radicals who went to Syria to fight in the civil war and are bring jihad back to Europe.

More 700 French and as many as 3,000 Europeans are believed to have fought or are now fighting in Syria and Iraq.

They are young men who did not, in their eyes, go bad. They think of themselves as committed Muslims.

When theyre not killing people theyre handing out Korans and helping establish a worldwide Islamic state.

The mother of one of the jihadists talked to Britains Sky News.

She said she was absolutely shocked to see how his character has changed.

He is a lovely boy that any mother could ever have or want. Hes honest. Always cared for his family. Always wanted to be there for them, she said. Hes just one of those best boys any mother could ever want.

Britian Helps Jihad
A Dutch jihadist in Syria, talking to a reporter via Skype, thought it was amusing that the British government, by helping Islamic rebels in Syria, was helping jihad.

Its funny, I mean the British government itself is funding and training, be it in Jordan or wherever, here in Syria, the Free Syrian Army, Yilmaz, the jihadist, said. So, basically, the British government is helping, and Im helping in my way.

They are helping to bring an Islamic caliphate. Some European nations have agreed to exchange information about the European jihadists in the hope of tracking them and possibly arresting them when they return.

Strong enforcement is needed because there are many more Mehdi Nemmouchs who want to attack in Europe.

Its almost inevitable that having joined an organization like ISIS, for example, that is even too extreme for al Qaeda, that these individuals will at some stage be sent back to Europe, to Britain, and expected to conduct terrorist attacks here, Ghaffar Hussain, director of the Quilliam Foundation, said.

Eiffel Tower Bomb
French officials just uncovered a plot by Muslim radicals to blow up the Eiffel Tower and take down airliners.

Richard Prasquier, former head of Frances national Jewish association, CRIF, said its a mathematical certainty that more European Jews will die at the hands of Muslim radicals.

It is mathematical because to cross the border is simple, to buy a Kalashnikov is nothing, and the motivation is extremely strong, he said.

Europes failed experiment in multiculturalism could suddenly become very dangerous for everyone when the war in the Middle East is over and Europes jihadists all go home.

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