Daniel Horowitz Posts 3 Great Border Dissolution Essays: Ex-Employer REDSTATE Is AWOL
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H/T One Old Vet

Since I published REDSTATE Represses Daniel Horowitz: Too Effective Against Amnesty And GOP/AdelZuck Establishment? at the end of last week the working of the Obamacrat No Border policy has generated huge news flow.

Our old friend and veteran immigration patriot Joe Guzzardi has remarked

I’ve been reporting on immigration for nearly three decades. Last week had more breaking news, much of it troubling, than any seven-day period since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act.

So what have the subjects of my blog been doing?

Daniel Horowitz has three devastating items on his Madison Project blog, two long. The shortest, The GOP Ineptitude against Obama’s Amnesty July 28th asks the key question:

Folks, this is not just about Republicans as a powerless minority party.  With control of the House, they can easily leverage all funding against administrative amnesty.  They certainly have the power to block new funding.  Yet they are silent.

Does anyone really think this behavior will change when Republican take back the Senate?

Top 10 Problems with House Border Bill June 30th is characteristically rigorous and exhaustive. My particular favorite The House Meltdown is Not Just About Strategy July 31st should be imperative reading for all Patriots
...instead of using the power of the purse or even simply expressing outrage against Obama’s open borders policies, Republican leadership has remained indifferent for the past few years.  Concurrently, they joined with Democrats and publicly agreed with the premise that passing amnesty is one of the most pressing priorities of our time…

Why were they so recalcitrant to deal with Obama’s illegal amnesty, even as Obama promised to grant new waves of amnesty?  Why were they willing to grant Obama new money before he agrees to swear off amnesty? It’s real simple.  The same forces behind their ill-advised and politically tone-deaf pursuit of amnesty last year are still running the show.  All of the leadership lobbyists, staffers, pollsters, and donors are still inexorably against true enforcement measures and desire more amnesty

In other words, they are AdelZucks, following the money.

VDARE.com endorses the Horowitz conclusion (our emphasis)

…this is not a family disagreement over strategy.  The core movers and shakers within the party are completely out of touch with their party base, and frankly, the majority of the country, on this issue.  They have no intention to fight open borders because they are controlled by those very elements who have engendered this problem in the first place.
Meanwhile, what about RedState?

Essentially, nothing. Erik Erickson has been allowed to post three very brief items, timidly and quietly (but accurately) noting the House Leadership’s mendacity-

What House Republican leaders refused to do is stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (‘DACA’) executive action that President Obama took in 2012. In fact, they wanted to first fund the man they’re suing, then give House conservatives a vote Harry Reid could quickly dispatch
Boehner Has Time to Salvage a Ridiculous Farce Descended to Stupidity July 31st .

But basically, RedState has ignored the issue.

And their formerly most powerful writer has to post his work in obscurity.

Looks like RedState is Following the Money too

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