Mickey Kaus Concurs With VDARE.com: Rubio Lied To Talk Shows On Border Commission Thursday
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H/T One Old Vet

Actually, no doubt because of being gentlemanly as well as sharp, Kaus nominally framed this as a question: Did Rubio Lie to Mark Levin? The Daily Caller 04/22/2013. The blog was stimulated by Byron York’s discovery that the empowered Border Commission Rubio said was in the bill is just not there. Kaus notes that the form of words Rubio parroted to all 4 shows on Thursday was ‘virtually identical’ – and (as I pointed out yesterday) he certainly used it when lying to Rush Limbaugh that day.

Kaus charitably asks

…did Rubio a) just dissemble to Levin, or is he b) clueless about the content of the bill on which he’s allegedly staked his career? You make the call! Some who are closer to the action than I am say “clueless.”

(The first link is to Mark Krikorian tweeting

Rubio as Chauncey Gardiner: I have on good authority that he doesn't know what's in bill beyond talking points. Schumer staff does the work )

He then enterprisingly got into a fight with Rubio’s appropriately slow-witted press aide Alex Conant who first tried to brush him off with by citing one of Rubio’s own press releases! Kaus reports

Conant did not, after repeated Twitter provocation, point to a passage in the bill that says what he says the bill says. I think that is because the passage doesn’t exist.

That might be one reason why Democrats reportedly think ”their negotiators extracted more concessions than they thought possible.”

Conant has further distinguished himself this morning:  Rubio Spokesman Compares Illegal Immigrants to Slaves By Eilana Johnson National Review OnLine April 22 2013. As the recipient of this insight, Conn Carroll of The Washington Examiner noted,

Rubio spokesman @AlexConant just compared all Schumer-Rubio opponents to slave owners

Are there any Grown-ups in Rubio’s shop? It is obvious there are no Patriots.

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