Rubio Hires Hispanic Democrat Cheap Labor Specialist Lawyer To Help Write Immigration Bill
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I heard about this scandal (and it is a scandal) in an email, and went to find it by Googling, which gave me this:

Party Loyalty?

Rubio hires powerful Democratic lawyer to help write immigration bill

Daily Caller ?- 3 hours ago
The lawyer, Enrique Gonzalez, is a partner at the nation's largest immigration firm.


However, when I clicked, the headline had changed to

Rubio hires immigration lawyer who imports workers for companies, By Neil Munro, March 21, 2013

Presumably as a result of an update. Neil Munro, who's been doing good work on immigration, writes:

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s top lawyer in the closed-door effort to draft a new immigration bill is a Democratic donor who earns his living by bringing foreign workers into the country on behalf of corporations and universities.

The lawyer, Enrique Gonzalez, is a partner at the nation’s largest immigration firm whose future depends on the outcome of Gonzalez’s closed-door work.

Rubio hired Gonzalez in January, when he was a partner at the Coral Gables, Fla., office of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy.

We've got two pages of articles and posts referring to Fragomen, none of them in a good way.

This raises two questions:

Question One: Which is Rubio is more deficient in: party loyalty, or loyalty to the United States of America?

Question Two: Which is Rubio more loyal to: his fellow "Hispanics", or the GOP's cheap labor donors?

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