Michelle Malkin And La Raza: Must See TV
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Michelle Malkin wrote a column recently which has apparently upset the folks at La Raza...yeah...now I like her even more and I was already a big fan.

["The Race" Schools: Your Tax Dollars At Work.]

Janet Marguia, President of The Race, wrote a response to Malkin's column so she could point out the "inaccuracies" of the article.

Inaccuracies, Incorrect Translations: Column Misrepresents Hispanic Group by Janet Marguia 8/02/06

According to Marguia, La Raza does not (as Malkin suggested) mean The Race:

"La Raza means the people or the community. Hispanics are an ethnic group, not a race" she said.

Wow, she got Malkin there didn't she?

La Raza is not "The Race"...it's "The Ethnic Group." Can you believe anyone would make such a mistake? That mean, mean Malkin.

La Raza (the Ethnic Group) receives millions of dollars in federal funding and Malkin accuses them of using the funds for political purposes—a claim Marguia disputes.

"...these funds are used to support the work of the Raza Development Fund, the largest Latino community bank in the country, to help fund health clinics, day-care facilities, homes for first-time buyers and community-based charter schools."

Interestingly enough, Malkin was talking about (among other things) La Raza's funding of Academia Semillas Academy—the reconquista school about which I wrote last month—which happens to be a community-based charter school.

Specifically, Malkin makes the point that federal dollars pay for this school—Marguia did not dispute that fact, she confirmed it!

In an attempt to show how American her organization really is, Marguia wrote:

"As an American institution founded nearly 40 years ago, our mission is to help open the door to the American Dream to all Latinos, and we work to help integrate Hispanic immigrants into this great nation through more than 150 community-based organizations that are helping people learn English and become citizens."

To all Latinos, Hispanics...not people in general.

Yeah, these cats aren't racist...and Jessica Simpson is the new spokesperson for MENSA.

Here's the best part: Marguia wants to meet with Malkin.

"I have offered for months to meet with Malkin. She has yet to respond. Is she being impolite, unfair, or is she just afraid to hear the truth? Regardless, the offer stands."

A personal request for Michelle: Please, please, please, please, please, please meet with her and do it in the most public of forums...maybe on The O' Reilly Factor. Marguia (before whom politicians seem to inexplicably bow and scrape) would flee in tears should she ever find herself in a discussion based on fact and devoid of rhetoric.

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