YAF Ad On NRO Too Diverse, Or Not Diverse Enough
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Alex Hamilton writes:

The Young America's Foundation ad on National Review Online has pictures of 3 people of Jewish ancestry, 2 people of black ancestry, 1 person of Filipino ancestry and that's it: no people of white Christian ancestry at all. No representation for a group that represents 80% - 90% of the conservative movement. I have no trouble at all with conservatives of Jewish ancestry, etc., but the anti-white Christian bias of the ad is strikingly extreme for an allegedly conservative group.

The ad, (it's gone now), was for the The National Conservative Student Conference , and featured Herman Cain, Dr. Walter Williams, David Brooks, Bob Novak, John Stossel, and Michelle Malkin, who are some of the speakers.

Speakers not featured in the ad include: Harvey Mansfield Newt Gingrich Bay Buchanan Kenneth Cribb and Alexander Haig

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