Micheal Brown's “Amazing” Ivy Admission Sweep Would Only Be Amazing In A World Where Colleges Weren't DESPERATE To Recruit Bright Blacks
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By now, every time you see a news item about someone having gotten into every single Ivy League school they applied to, it's a good bet they're black.  They might be African black, they might be American black.

But black.

So of course Micheal Brown, now being celebrated in a break-out Twitter feature, got into all eight Ivies, and 12 more colleges to boot.

Twitter labels the achievement as "amazing", but of course it's no such thing.  It's standard-issue affirmative action.

Brown had an SAT of 1540 out of 1600, which puts him in the 99th percentile.  He had a GPA of 4.68 at his Houston high school (against whom?  I wonder).  We'll assume he's a smart kid, but one with a huge racial advantage over the pool of equally-smart white kids.

The New York Times write-up, of course, includes no mention that Brown is black.

Alt-righters debate whether young whites should go to college at all, and if so, where.  Learning a trade may be a surer route to fulfillment and economic success.  College, of course, forces you to incur life-long debt for what's essentially a self-perpetuating left-wing indoctrination machine.

But college is still too tightly tied to the machinery of social and political change that American whites need now.  I say aim for Ivy.  I observe that what Harvard and Yale want, Harvard and Yale get.

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