Mexico`s Kidnap Culture Appears in Florida
February 27, 2007, 06:26 PM
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Clay Moore is one smart — and lucky — young fellow. The 13-year-old resident of Parrish, Florida, was kidnapped at gunpoint by an illegal alien on Friday in an attempted kidnap-for-ransom plot. Clay cleverly used a safety pin to escape being duct-taped to a tree in a remote wooded area 20 miles from the abduction, and then found a farmer with a cell phone which he used to call for help.

On the day he was kidnapped, Clay Moore`s parents made the 13-year-old use a safety pin to mend his school uniform because he was to blame for tearing it.

That safety pin became key to Clay`s escape from the kidnapper, who snatched him at gunpoint from a school bus stop last Friday and left him in an East Manatee woods taped up and gagged. [Clay Moore`s incredible tale of escape from an armed kidnapper, Sarasota Herald Tribune 2/27/07]

Below: Clay Moore appeared with his family at a press conference. Kidnap victim Clay Moore and family at press conference 2/17/07

This case is a very concerning example of Mexicans bringing their culture of crime, particularly kidnapping, to this country.

Kidnapping for ransom is nearly non-existent in the whole of the USA. In Tijuana, there were close to 100 reported incidents of it last year. [Crime wears on Tijuana, San Diego, USA Today 2/05/07]

Suspect Vicente Beltran-Moreno, who earlier worked as an agricultural picker nearby, remains at large, and may have already escaped to Mexico. Naturally, the local illegal alien community fears a "backlash."

Meanwhile, parents have begun accompanying their children to bus stops.